movie is defined as a psychological horror film which I thought is to scare people, but actually it is wrong. All I can see from this film is real love. Cole, the boy who can see dead people, only lives with her mother. But because of Cole's ability, he was always in scared and did not expect to tell his mother. The mom could do everything for her son without any daults, and they love each other all the time. After the boy did not scared by his own ability, when he spoke out his own secrets and her mom's secrets, their hearts went together finally. I can never forget the scene that they hugged with each other tightly after those horrible things happened. This is the real maternal love. Another scene which can't stop me from weeping is the end that Crowe talked to her wife. In fact, he is already dead man but he did not know about this before the end, he heared his wife is missing him in the dream but he can't wake her up. He can only talk to her in her dream and express his missing. When the wedding ring falls upon the ground, everything comes clear, and the real love between Crowe and his wife comes clear: She always loves him. I indeed can't stop my tears rolled down my cheek at this moment. Another example about love is the Collins. Kyra Collins is the dead girl who was murdered by her mother, the movie did not tell us why she did not tell her dad when she lives, but I guess she did not expect to expose the fact that her mother wants her die is because she still wants to have a happy family and she loves the others so she did not expect the family is broken down. It's the her love to family. Actually the secret would be hidden forever if the mother did not hurt her sister by the same way. Kyra loves her sister and she doesn't want her get hurt anymore so she has to expose it to her farther via Cole. That's the affections bettwen elder and younger sisters. The love scatters throughout, I think we'd better remember what the film wants to tell us: Please treasure your loves. 看一部电影写一个影评。为了让大家明白什么意思,我翻译如下(因为我先写的英文,翻译不一定表达得对,事实上,英文也不一定好,见谅): 《第六感》一直以来被定义为一个恐怖片,但事实上它并不是。我从这部电影所看到的主题是----爱。 Cole是一个能看到死人的小孩,他和他的妈妈一起住。但是由于Cole的这个特别的能力,使得他自己一直生活在恐惧中并且不想告诉他的妈妈。毫无疑问,妈妈肯为了Cole做任何事情。他们一直很爱对方。在这个孩子克服了自己的恐惧,并且告诉了妈妈他的秘密和他妈妈的秘密之后,他们的心终于贴到了一起。我永远也无法忘记在一系列恐怖事情发生之后,他们重新紧紧地拥抱。这是真正的母子之爱。 我还为了电影中的另一幕而潸然泪下,那就是Crowe和他妻子对话的那个结局部分。事实上,大部分情况下他自己都已经是一个死人,只是他自己并不知道。当他回来以后听到妻子在梦中想念他但是他却并不能叫醒她。他终于知道了事情真相,他于是只能在妻子的梦里来表达他的思念之情。当他自己那颗结婚戒指掉落到地面的一霎那,所有的事情都清楚了,他们之间的爱也清楚了:她仍然在爱着他。在这一刻,我真的无法阻止眼泪从脸颊落下。 关于爱的另一个例子是Collins一家的遭遇。Kyla被自己的母亲长期喂药谋杀而死,这部影片并没有告诉我们为什么Kyla并没有在自己活着的时候告诉自己的父亲,但我猜她不想把这件事情公之于众正是因为她想有一个快乐的家庭。她爱每个人所以她不希望这个家最后四分五裂。这就是她对这个家的那份感情。 如果她妈妈不对她的妹妹做同样事情的话,我想这个秘密会被永远雪藏。Kyla爱她的妹妹,她并不想自己的妹妹再受到伤害,所以她不得不把这样的消息通过Cole告诉自己的父亲。这是姐妹手足之情。 爱贯穿始终,我想我们应该记住这部电影真正想要告诉我们的:请珍惜我们的爱。